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Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023

4 April @ 8:00 am - 5 April @ 5:00 pm

The Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023 will be a significant opportunity to advance the sharing of knowledge and solutions to critical challenges at the ocean-climate nexus.

The ocean is under threat from a host of pressures, but none loom larger than those caused by greenhouse gas pollution, which drives overheating and acidification. Ocean heating is in turn causing deoxygenation, sea level rise, and disruption of critical marine ecosystem functions and services.

In order to address this ocean-climate crisis, the world needs to generate and scale innovative solutions much more effectively and quickly.

Summit participants will share and discuss cutting-edge advancements in ocean sciences, engineering, policy, governance, and economics that support trajectory-changing solutions to the dangerous climate impacts on the ocean within 7-10 years.

The Summit will be held at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia and online everywhere from 4-6 April 2023. We welcome a diversity of solutions-oriented participants, including scientists, academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, those with indigenous knowledge of oceans and solutions, innovators, and funders.

The conference is designed to be highly interactive with a mix of session types such as plenaries, lightning presentations, posters, and other networking interactions. The conference is structured around five core topical tracks, which will be addressed through half-day sessions. The tracks are:

  • Ocean-Based Contributions to Global Decarbonization: What are specific solutions and innovations necessary to advance ocean-based contributions to global decarbonization which could include but are not limited to ways to decarbonize shipping; ocean-based renewable energy sources; decarbonizing fisheries and aquaculture; and producing zero or low carbon food (blue foods)?
  • Ocean-Based Contributions to Carbon Dioxide Removal: How do we advance ocean-based CDR research and development—as well as related enabling conditions related to economic, policy, and social aspects
  • Ocean Ecosystem Regeneration: What interventions have the best chance of slowing, stopping and ultimately reversing losses to critical ocean ecosystems and functions in the face of climate tipping points?
  • Human Adaptation to a Changing Ocean: How can we develop and advance the array of responses necessary to support human adaptation to a changing ocean, such as managed retreat, reinventing coastal ocean livelihoods, building coastal resilience to dangerous events, adaptation to sea level rise, and habitat/species restoration/rewilding.
  • Building a Global Community of Solvers at the Ocean-Climate Nexus: What are the social and economic innovations required to build a global solutions-oriented community?

Abstract submissions are open until 26 October: https://agu.confex.com/agu/OVS23/prelim.cgi/Home/0

More info: https://www.agu.org/Ocean-Visions-Summit

If you are interested in applying to chair sessions within the 5 tracks identified as part of the Summit, all entries for chair should include a CV, preferred track and a brief cover letter describing the applicant’s interest and qualifications to run their preferred track. Please send this information to nikhil@oceanvisions.org by end of October.

More information: https://oceanvisions.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/OVS-Call-for-Track-Leads-.pdf


4 April @ 8:00 am
5 April @ 5:00 pm


Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, GA
United States + Google Map