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Introducing ECOP Nigeria

The aim is for the Nigeria Chapter to develop essential capacities and skills in Nigeria related to ocean science, with a focus on scientific and technical skills of ECOPs. This Action will form part of the global ECOP programme and will build on the findings of the global survey of ECOP needs and priorities to provide targeted support via the African ECOP regional hub and other global hubs. It will include support for: short- and long-term training; mentorship and professional development programmes; leadership training; support to engage with international policy processes and discussions; a match-making service for access to research vessels and infrastructure; and other priority elements. We will identify ECOPs through Desktop research study of ocean related networks, associations and Universities in Nigeria offering OceanSciences/Marine Sciences related courses. And thereafter collate a database of ECOPs so identified from the research.

Goals and Objectives

-Establishment of Nigerian (ECOPs) network

-Ocean Literacy Education Programmes for (ECOPs)

-Connecting Nigerian ECOPs across the Atlantic (ECOPs Connect)

-Workshops to identify ECOPs challenges in Nigeria

-Workshops to educate ECOPs about their role in the achievement of Ocean Decade in Nigeria

-Media Advocacy

-Fund-raising locally with all the National Maritime organizations in Nigeria and ECOP Africa and Global Including responding to calls for proposals

—Sensitization and Awareness Capacity Building amongst Youths on the Marine and Blue Economy Value Chain, including its Career and Employment opportunities in Nigeria and Abroad.

—Development and Implementation of the Marine and Blue Economy Education Programme for Schools and Coastal Communities in Nigeria.

—Building Local Youth Capacities in the Marine and Blue Economy Value Chain: A Key Necessity for Food Security, Youth Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria.

From these guidelines, the following deliverables will be produced:


1). An inclusive National ECOP recruitment plan

2). A capacity development plan

3). A media / communication plan

4). Ocean Literacy / outreach plan

5). Fund-raising plan 

6). List of relevant projects

ECOP Nigeria Coordination Unit

ECOP Nigeria welcomes you to join the network and share your country’s activities and opportunities related to the UN Ocean Decade.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact:

Anthony Akpan

President of the Pan African Vision for the Environment (PAVE) and Nigerian National Ocean Decade Committee ECOP Focal Point. 

Chinomnso Onwubiko ​

World Bank Scholar, Africa Centre of Excellence in Coastal Resilience (ACECoR) and PhD Researcher in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (area of interest: Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation).


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