Training and Mentoring task team

Photo credit: Fabrice Dudenhofer / Ocean Image Bank

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Training and Mentoring Task Team is to improve Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) expertise and professional development to strengthen the impact ECOPs will have on the UN Ocean Decade and beyond. We aim to achieve this by developing and promoting relevant training for ECOPs and by creating meaningful and enriching mentor opportunities to facilitate ECOPs to become the future ocean leaders.


Practically this team develops training sessions including topical, interdisciplinary, cross-sectorial to local or global seminars, workshops and lectures. The training should be based on ECOP demand to have the highest relevance for the participants and be promoted as wide as possible. Opportunities to take part in already existing training programs with ocean related content will also be promoted through this group and we strive towards working with organizations already offering such options. Furthermore, we want to support ECOPs by developing and training their personal and interpersonal skills to enhance their professional capacities and personal wellbeing leading to competent ECOPs who will be great leaders and mentors for the future ocean generation. 

A second goal of this task team is to secure a rewarding mentorship with leading senior ocean professionals or cross-sectorial mentoring through the mentor program, which will aim to cover all involved ocean professions and follow guidelines developed by the Task Team. Mentorships will not be limited to senior professional mentors and will include cross-disciplinary mentoring, enabling better two-way mentoring environments (thought of as a mentor-mentor relations) that link and facilitate knowledge exchange and training between sectors and/or disciplines. These mentor-mentor relations will be great learning and training experiences for involved ECOPs and could likely occur between ECOPs too. The process can be thought of as leaders paving the way for future leaders. When meaningful, we will work with existing mentoring opportunities from other organizations, extending the reach and scope of ECOP mentoring opportunities and steering clear from re-inventing the wheel, but utilizing existing structures. As ocean professionals, we would like to promote and train ECOPs to become ocean mentors and leaders in their own respective fields. 


Current objectives of the Training and Mentoring Task Team are, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Conduct a survey within the ECOP community to assess topics, interest areas and capacity needs to guide the development and organization of training programs and mentoring platforms.
  • Recruit diverse ECOPs who would like to promote, develop and organize training and mentoring activities for other ECOPs.
  • Host a web based seminar on topics already expressed as needed in the ECOP community such as funding (availability, how to be successful, etc)
  • Work with AGU on expanding the Mentoring365 to include more ocean related content and participants so that ECOPs can use that platform to find and be relevant mentors.
  • Promote external training and mentoring opportunities that are relevant to the ECOP community through the new ECOP website.


Training and Mentoring Task Team invites you to join this group to help develop a great pool of capacity development opportunities for ECOPs in 2022!

For any questions or inquires, please email us at mentoring[AT]ecopdecade[DOT]org

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