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Current opportunities

Call for interns and volunteers for ECOP China

ECOP China is looking for one intern for the node building and 2-3 volunteers for the training team.  

Find more information in the posters below.  Or click here to download the poster for the intern position and volunteers.

Call for members to join the Training and Mentoring task team

The ECOP Programme Training & Mentoring Task Team is recruiting some new Members!

There is a minimum 2.5 hours per week time commitment – if you’re interested, we have the following voluntary roles on offer:

Team Member (Logistics & Outreach Sub-Team), whose responsibilities will include:

  • Reaching out to/coordinating with prospective webinar deliverers.
  • Ensuring appropriate technical support is in place for our webinars.
  • Marketing our webinars to ECOPs and the wider UN Ocean Decade where appropriate.

Team Member (Training Development & Delivery Sub-Team), whose responsibilities will include:

  • Internally developing/delivering webinars, training materials (e.g. posters, one pagers, etc.), etc.
  • Coordinating with ECOP Programme Advisors, Coordinators, and Task Teams to select appropriate webinar/training topics to be developed.
  • Handling any pre/post-webinar/training queries/questions from attendees.

Team Member (Mentoring Sub-Team), whose responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating the delivery of the ECOP Mentoring Programme.
  • Working with ECOP Programme Advisors, Coordinators, and Task Teams to boost ECOP participation.
  • Managing relationships with partner organisations.

Please reach out to Conor Savage, ECOP Programme Training & Mentoring Manager at to find out more and or express interest.

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Read our interns testimonials

“My ECOP Asia internship experience was simply wonderful. It was a dream-come-true when I got the internship opportunity from Asia as I always wanted to work somewhere that truly cares for Ocean and actively promotes young minds. As an intern, I was assigned to the development of ECOP-India node and had the opportunity to put my communications and networking knowledge into practice. Under the guidance of my amazing supervisor Raphael, I got exposed to many opportunities and learnt from the best. I gained valuable ideas through my engagements with the core ECOP team globally. This experience of working in a multicultural diverse global community helped me significantly with my career planning. My biggest takeaway would be the new long-term relationships and connections which I had forged with my core ECOP team. My only advice for interns, always take initiative in everything that you do and communicate with new people to better understand the challenges of the UN Ocean Decade globally.”
Debarati Sengupta
“During my internship, I have gained valuable insights and knowledge in both international organizations and marine research. This experience has not only enhanced my understanding of how international organizations operate but also has empowered me to confidently reach out to various stakeholders in order to address and resolve specific issues. Most importantly, working to empower the ECOPs is impactful and always makes me motivated. My supervisor Raphael has been instrumental in providing clear objectives and tasks, as well as sharing valuable professional and operational knowledge on specific matters. This guidance has greatly contributed to my personal growth and future career development. Moreover, the exceptional work environment within the team has fostered a harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere. Collaborating with these colleagues has been both seamless and delightful. I am grateful for this enriching experience, and I am confident that the lessons learned during my internship will serve as a strong foundation for my future endeavors in the professional world. Joining the ECOP Team has been a wonderful choice for me and don’t hesitate to join us!”
Chunhua Jiang

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