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ECOP Conversations is an opportunity to meet Early Career Ocean Professionals around the World and learn more about their work in relation to the UN Decade of Ocean Science.  You can watch each episode below and also access the playlist on our YouTube channel.

Alexis Bahl

Alexis Anne Bahl is a National Geographic Explorer (2022) from the U.S., currently a PhD Candidate the University of British Columbia.  She is studying Biological Oceanographics, specifically the migration of salps in the Southern Ocean.

Read Alexis’s guest blog article here.

Chris Promise Nwachukwu

Chris Promise Nwachukwu, from Nigeria, is dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable future for our generation. As the Founder and Convenor of the Green Promise Initiative Organization (GPI), he is on a passionate journey to inspire environmental change and to bring a shift in environmental consciousness.  

He is on the ECOP Africa steering committee and is a member of the Ocean Literacy organ. Discover more about Chris’s work here.

Camille Rivera

Camille Rivera is a marine biologist who is from and based in the Philippines. She studied her Masters in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation in Belgium and later went back to the Philippines for the warm waters, salty air and coconut trees. She set up her own organisation: Oceanus Conservation and has worked for more than 8 years in the field of coastal management in different islands, particularly in mangrove conservation and management.

Khadija Stewart

Khadija Stewart is an enthusiastic environmentalist with a passion for inspiring behaviour change through knowledge sharing and innovative storytelling. She holds a BSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Management, an MSc in sustainable development with Management Studies and a 2nd MSc in Climate Change and Development. Khadija is founder of Ecovybz Environmental Creatives and is responsible for creating and coordinating The Thinking Beyond the Tides Capacity building workshop, specifically for ECOPs in the Caribbean region. 

Hari Vishnu

Hari Vishnu is a Senior Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore working on underwater acoustic signal processing, machine learning for bio-acoustics and robotics. He is part of the Ocean Decade outreach committee of IEEE Oceanic Engineering society, and helps with science communication efforts as Chief Editor of the OES Science outreach magazine Earthzine.  In Singapore, he is the chair of the local OES chapter, and has been instrumental in organizing the Singapore AUV challenge, the largest student underwater robotics competition in Asia.

Amber Carter

Amber Carter is a marine social ecologist specialising in tropical coastal ecosystems and small-scale fishing communities. Her work combines marine ecology, climate science and social research to explore how marine conservation cannot only support biodiversity, but the food security and livelihoods of local communities. Currently in the third year of her PhD at the University of Edinburgh, Amber’s research is focused in Madagascar working with traditional Vezo fishing communities. Amber was named a 2022 Explorer with the Scientific Exploration Society for her community film project Voices of the Vezo.

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