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Providing the new generation of ocean scientists and future leaders with a robust understanding of marine disciplines and strategic development of ocean science, who will be able to develop a vision for the future application of obtained knowledge needed for the sustainable development and achieving the Science We Need for the Future We Want.


The TTR programme’s main mission is building capacity for professional and academic training of early career scientists and students by providing access to cutting edge technologies and infrastructure under supervision of world leading experts in ocean science. The TTR concept is implemented as an annual cycle where students are involved in intensive training including theoretical knowledge and participation in cruise preparation, then data collection at field during sea-going expeditions, data processing and analyses in laboratories, and finally the presentation of results at international scientific conferences and preparation of publications in recognized peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Build capacity for 3000 students to participate in the training courses of the TTR programme over the 10 years.
  2. Facilitate coastal and near-shore training courses, with a capacity to host at minimum 2000 participants in a 10-year period.
  3. Conduct 7 to 12 multidisciplinary research cruises to North Atlantic, Arctic, and/or North Pacific with the participation of 750 to 1000 students and early career researchers from universities and marine research centers of Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.
  4. Organize annual post-cruise meetings with a special focus on providing opportunities for TTR cruise participants to present their results.
  5. Contribute to the publication of a special issue of an internationally recognized peer-review research journal highlighting TTR scientific programme results and other publications.

Past Initiatives

The Russian oceanographic community has vast experience in organizing Floating universities hosted by various universities, scientific institutions, and other organizations. In the framework of the Ocean Decade, we aim to generalize the paths of different Floating universities into one big all-Russian and by next step international TTR programme with the united mission and approaches, broad and up-to-date spectra of taught disciplines, usage of cutting edge scientific equipment and techniques, and engagement of early career ocean professionals as well as internationally recognized experts to programme management, supervision, and training of students. 

Some examples of previous expeditions organized by various Floating Universities of Russia:


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