UN Ocean Decade

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The science we need for the ocean we want.


Transformative ocean science solutions for sustainable development, connecting people and our ocean.

10 Challenges, 7 Outcomes

10 Challenges, 7 Outcomes

10 Challenges

Challenge 1: Understand and beat marine pollution

Challenge 2: Protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity

Challenge 3: Sustainably feed the global population

Challenge 4: Develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy

Challenge 5: Unlock ocean-based solutions to climate change

Challenge 6: Increase community resilience to ocean hazards

Challenge 7: Expand the Global Ocean Observing System

Challenge 8: Create a digital representation of the Ocean

Challenge 9: Skills, knowledge, and technology for all

Challenge 10: Change humanity’s relationship with the ocean

7 Outcomes

A clean ocean where sources of pollution are identified and reduced or removed.

A healthy and resilient ocean where marine ecosystems are understood, protected, restored and managed.

A productive ocean supporting sustainable food supply and a sustainable ocean economy.

A predicted ocean where society understands and can respond to changing ocean conditions.

A safe ocean where life and livelihoods are protected from ocean-related hazards.

An accessible ocean with open and equitable access to data, information and technology and innovation.

An inspiring and engaging ocean where society understands and values the ocean in relation to human wellbeing and sustainable development.

Implementation Plan

The UN General Assembly called on the IOC to prepare the Implementation Plan for the Decade in consultation with Member States, specialized agencies, funds, programmes and bodies of the United Nations, as well as other intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and relevant stakeholders. The resulting Implementation Plan, which is the result of a highly inclusive two year preparation process involving thousands of stakeholders, will guide the ambitious endeavor represented by the Decade, and will evolve with time reflecting new possibilities, opportunities, and challenges.
The Decade Implementation Plan of the Decade provides a non-prescriptive framework for transformational action that will build on existing achievements and deliver across geographies, sectors, disciplines, and generations. It describes the process required to move from the ‘ocean we have’ to the ‘ocean we want’, and the desired state of the ocean at the end of the Decade.
The operational framework that will guide the design and implementation of actions throughout the Decade comprises several levels, from the bottom-up to reach the Decade Outcomes and related 2030 Agenda and Regional and Global Policy Frameworks.

UN Decade Implement Plan Cover

Decade Actions represent the tangible initiatives and endeavors that will be implemented by a wide range of stakeholders to fulfill the objectives and thus achieve the challenges. It includes programmes, projects, activities and/or contributors.

Decade Objectives are the steps in the process relevant to all challenges. Three objectives are suggested to fulfill the Ocean Decade challenges, which represent the highest level of the Decade Action Framework and articulate the most immediate priorities for the Decade

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