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Introducing ECOP China / ECOP中国节点简介

ECOP China node is the national ECOP network of the ECOP Programme for China, which is endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade.

Early career ocean professionals (ECOPs) self-identify as being early in their career (with less than 10 years of professional experience) in any field related to the ocean or who are simply enthusiastic about the ocean.



Who can join the ECOP China network? 谁能够加入ECOP中国网络?

  1. Students and young scholars in academia within the ocean field who are willing to participate in a diverse network and looking forward to new career development opportunities
  2. Employees from public sectors, ocean-related NGOs, industrial companies, etc.
  3. Ocean advocates who are willing to contribute to the UN Ocean Decade by joining the ECOP network and connecting with other ECOPs in China and across the world. 
  4. Senior and mid-career ocean professionals who want to facilitate ECOP events, trainings, and provide job and mentorship opportunities for ECOPs.





Goals and Objectives / 目标

  • Establish and maintain a national diverse network of Chinese ECOPs and engage more ECOPs and ocean stakeholders from across the country.
  • Collaborate with our partners to provide international career and training opportunities, while also cultivating mentorship activities for ECOPs.
  • Support future ocean leaders via leadership-building webinars and empower them to showcase their ideas and activities.
  • 为中国的海洋界青年专业人员建立并维持一个国家的多样性关系网络,让更多的海洋界青年专业人员和海洋利益相关者参与进来。
  • 为海洋界青年专业人员提供国际化的职业和培训机会,建立导师制活动。
  • 为未来海洋领袖提供提升领导力的在线研讨会以展示他们的想法、开展活动。

Two ways to Join our ECOP network / 两种方式加入ECOP关系网络

1. Email us

Please send us an email at with the following information/details in order to join our ECOP network and mailing list


  • 姓名 Name
  • 国籍与现居地 Nationality and country of residence
  • 机构/组织 Institution/Organization
  • 专业领域/兴趣方向 Area of expertise/interest
  • 进入海洋领域的年限 Years of experience in the ocean field

2. Scan the code

You can also fill in the survey by clicking the link below or scanning  the QR code to join our ECOP network and national mailing list.打开链接或扫描下方二维码填写调查问卷,加入我们的ECOP关系网络:链接

After filling in the survey, you will receive an email from ECOP China and will be able to join our WeChat group. 填写调查问卷后,你将会收到一封来自ECOP China的邮件,同时根据邮件内容可加入微信群。

Why should you join our ECOP network? / 为什么应该加入我们的ECOP关系网络?

  • An opportunity to build a sense of community. Learn from and connect with other early-career scientists, government officers, environmental NGOs, policy-makers and key ocean stakeholders,
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and mentorship activities across disciplines and sectors. This is a great chance for you to get involved in transdisciplinary initiatives,
  • Participate in the UN Ocean Decade framework and acquire leadership and networking skills that are often challenging to develop through alternative methods and processes,
  • Gain access to the latest news, jobs, projects, resources and funding opportunities in the global ocean space,
  • Enhance your professional development and learning further by engaging in workshops, webinars, trainings and other sponsored capacity development initiatives,
  • Receive support for your ideas and projects and actively contribute towards solutions to the 10 Ocean Decade Challenges,
  • Join our regional working group on Ocean Literacy and spearhead new priorities and topical areas that we should focus on.
  • 这是一个建立社区意识的机会,与其他早期科学家、政府官员、环境非政府组织、政策制定者和海洋利益相关者学习并建立联系,
  • 这是一个让您参与跨学科倡议的绝佳机会,能够与跨学科和跨领域的同行之间的知识交流、指导,
  • 参与联合国海洋十年框架,获得其他途径难以得到的锻炼领导力、扩张人脉的机会,
  • 获得全球海洋领域最新新闻、工作、项目、资源和资金机会的渠道,
  • 提升您的专业发展,并通过参与研讨会、网络研讨会、培训和其他能力建设活动来进一步学习,
  • 为您的想法和项目获得支持,并积极为十个海洋十年挑战提供解决方案,
  • 加入我们的海洋素养地区工作组,指导我们应该关注的热点领域。

Events and activities / 事件和活动

ECOP China node provides webinars, trainings, academic salons and other activities for ECOPs.


  • Nov 9, 2023: ECOP China Workshop was held during the DITTO Summit in Xiamen to officially launch ECOP China node [newsletter] [微信推文]
  • 2023年11月9日:在于厦门举办的数字海洋孪生峰会期间,ECOP中国节点的启动仪式于ECOP研讨会期间正式举办 [newsletter] [微信推文]
  • Oct 9-31, 2023: R Programming training course for ECOP Asia [website]
  • 2023年10月9-31日:亚洲区域海洋数据分析与R语言编程培训课 [website]

  • Jun 5-8, 2023: ECOPs were sponsored to participate in the 4th National Environmental Microplastic Pollution and Prevention Conference and participated in the beach cleaning activity on World Environment Day and World Oceans Day.
  • 2023年6月5-8日:ECOP成员免注册费参与第四届全国(海洋)环境微塑料污染与管控学术研讨会并参与了世界海洋日与世界环境日的净滩活动 
  • Nov 2022 – Jun 2023: ECOP China survey was conducted, and 2022-2023 ECOP China report was published [English] [Chinese (中文)]
  • 2022年11月-2023年6月:举行ECOP中国调查,并发布了2022-2023年度ECOP中国报告 [English] [Chinese (中文)]

We are recruiting ECOP China node coordination unit members! / ECOP中国节点协调小组成员招募中

Executive Committee / 执行委员会

The Executive Committee is composed of senior ECOPs who contribute to the development of the ECOP China node and help strengthen domestic partnerships. Committee members will represent a diversity of ocean disciplines, sectors and provinces. We welcome anyone willing to support the growth of ECOP China. 

执行委员会成员由资历更深的海洋界青年专业人员构成,为推动ECOP China的国内合作与发展提供帮助,这将是一个覆盖面广、人员配置全面的队伍,我们欢迎任何能够为ECOP China发展做出贡献的工作者。

Advisory Committee / 咨询委员会

We are looking forward to having senior ocean professionals join our community and contribute to the development of ECOPs. Advisory Committee members will provide guidance and mobilize domestic and international resources for the ECOP China node. Priority will be given to senior staff who have mentored ECOPs or contributed to the ECOP China node during the process.


Academic support, strategy making, coordination (orders by joint time)

Dr. Fangli Qiao 乔方利教授(自然资源部第一海洋研究所)[website]

Dr. Minhan Dai 戴民汉教授(厦门大学近海海洋环境科学国家重点实验室) [website]

Dr. Daoji Li 李道季教授(华东师范大学河口海岸学国家重点实验室) [website]

Dr. Li Li 李力教授(自然资源部第一海洋研究所) [website]

ECOP China Coordination Unit / ECOP China协调组

The coordination unit is composed of the core coordination team and coordinators or focal points from partner institutions. You can interact with the pictures below by clicking on the right arrow and read the English and Chinese biographies of our team members.



Chunhua Jiang is an intern at the Soil and Water Management and Crop Nutrition Laboratory (SWMCN Laboratory) of the Joint FAO/IAEA Centre of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture. She was one of the 2022 ECOP Asia interns and has 8-year study experience in marine fishery and marine microplastic pollution. She started ECOP China from the ground up and was dedicated to building a vivid community and network for ECOPs in China.
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Chunhua Jiang
Dr. Yuntao Wang is a researcher at the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, and deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environmental Dynamics. He was selected as the member of Strategic Communication Team of the UN Ocean Decade, and is leading the UN Ocean Decade endorsed project “Mitigation of Natural Incidence Towards an Increased Oceanic Resilience (MoNITOR)”.
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Yuntao Wang
Dr. Lin Wang is a Project Officer based at the Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, dedicated to propelling multi-disciplinary research on Marine Biodiversity in the Indo-Pacific Convergent Center. She is focused on exploring the impact of socio-economic factors on marine biodiversity and is committed to promoting collaboration and communication among ECOPs and with diverse sectors.
王琳博士是中国科学研究院海洋所的一名项目官员,她致力于推动印度太平洋交汇区海洋生物多样性的多学科研究和国际合作,专注于探索社会经济因素对海洋生物多样性的影响,并致力于促进海洋界青年专业人员间以及ECOP China与海洋界不同部门间的交流合作。
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Lin Wang
Dr. Baolan Wu is a postdoc at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and her research interest lies in the large-scale ocean dynamics and decadal climate change. She focuses on the North Pacific subtropical mode water and its related frontal variation, their role in the Ocean-Atmosphere interaction and ecosystem, and further improving the prediction of decadal climate. She serves as an ambassador for ECOP China and helps to promote it in various international conferences.
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Baolan WU
Dr. Pengbin Wang is an associate professor of the Second Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources. He is the chair & initiator of UNESCO IOC WESTPAC Working  Group on Rapid Detection Technology for Harmful Algal Blooms (WESTPAC-RDT-HAB) and the co-Chair of North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) Section on Ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms in the North Pacific (S-HAB). With rich experience in international cooperation, he is dedicated to international exchanges and dialogues.
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Pengbin Wang
Dr. Yangyang Zhao is a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. He is an interdisciplinary ECOP working on the interaction between carbon, oxygen and nitrogen cycles in the coastal oceans, responding to human impacts and climate change based on both observations and ocean biogeochemical modeling. He is leading the training team of ECOP China.
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Yangyang Zhao
Songyu Chen is a postgraduate student at East China Normal University, researching satellite oceanography and passionate about popularizing marine knowledge. He is the first intern for ECOP China, providing multifaceted assistance to the core team. He continues to help build ECOP China and develop his expertise in domestic social media promotion.
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Songyu Chen
Dr. Shenghui Li is a Lecturer at Guangdong Ocean University, China. She is passionate about the research on marine spatial planning (MSP) and its role in the blue economy and climate change. Shenghui is the co-chair of IMECaN – Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Network, a steering group member of the MSP Research Network, and an Executive Committee member of the Global Ocean Negative Carbon Emission (Global-ONCE programme).
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Shenghui Li
Dr. Shizhu Wang is an associate professor from the First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources, China. He runs numerical simulations to understand the Arctic climate evolution, both in the past and the future. Now Dr. Wang serves as the executive director of the Ocean to climate Seamless Forecasting system (OSF) programme office.
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Shizhu Wang

Partnerships / 合作伙伴

We are looking for collaborations with Chinese and international ocean-related institutions or organizations. The collaborations encompass mentorships, fellowships, sponsorships, and cooperative activities such as workshops, among other forms of engagement. If you are interested in a partnership with us, please send emails to:


Jump to ECOP Mentoring Programme (website)

  • Decade Collaborative Centre on Ocean-Climate Nexus (DCC-OCC) [website]
  • Shanghai Society for Oceanology and Limnology [website]
  • Future Earth Coasts [website]
  • Interdisciplinary Marine Early Career Network (IMECaN) [website]

Focal point contacts / 联络人

First Institute of Oceanography [website]: Dr. Wei Zheng 郑伟 Dr. Jing Sun 孙京

Second Institute of Oceanography: Dr. Yuntao Wang 王云涛 [website]

Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences [website]: Dr. Lin Wang 王琳

Guangdong Ocean University: Dr. Shenghui Li 李生辉 [website]

Xiamen University: Dr. Wei Shi 施薇 [website]

Future Earth Coasts [website]: Dr. Xiaoyu Fang 方潇雨 [website]

UNESCO-IOC Marine Plastic Debris and Microplastics Regional Training and Research Centre: Dr. Yinsong Zhao 赵银松 [website]

Shanghai Society for Oceanology and Limnology [website]: Ms. Jun Li 李珺

If you want to be a focal point of the ECOP China, please send emails to:

ECOP China stories / ECOP 中国故事



Other Relevant Resources / 其他相关资源

联合国海洋十年实施计划摘要 [English] [Chinese (中文)]

海洋十年数据与信息战略执行摘要 [English] [Chinese(中文)]

2022-2023年ECOP中国报告 [English] [Chinese (中文)]

  • 2022-2023 ECOP Asia report [English]

2022-2023年ECOP亚洲报告 [English]

ECOP亚洲中期报告 [English]

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Please note that we will not publish or disclose your personal details on our website. We will use these in case we would need to contact you regarding this opportunity you are submitting.