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Blue Futures Pathways (BFP) is a UN Decade of Ocean Science Action, led by the SOI Foundation, is a program that connects young people aged 14-30 across Canada with education, employment and funding opportunities to support them in developing successful careers in the Sustainable Blue Economy. In line with SOI’s mandate, Blue Futures Pathways places particular emphasis on under-represented and Indigenous young people, and activities that support those in remote and rural areas.


The program offers interactive online learning resources in English and French, workshops focused on soft skills development, ship-based experiential learning opportunities, a mentorship program, stories about careers in the Sustainable Blue Economy, and more. All of the resources can be accessed for free on the digital PORT (Portal for Opportunities, Resources and Talent), a one-stop shop for young people, educators and employers to learn about and share opportunities in the Sustainable Blue Economy.


Blue Futures Pathways aims to help foster a Blue Economy that is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable. Leveraging SOI’s national and international networks, the program aims to contribute towards the global 30×30 movement and multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about the program here.

The Current Expedition

From Goose Bay to St. John's, 29 July until 10 August 2023

This expedition will bring together young people (aged 18-30) from across Canada with Indigenous knowledge-holders, scientists, and industry personnel in a journey that will highlight various career pathways within the Sustainable Blue Economy.

Together, participants will explore the Sustainable Blue Economy across time and disciplines, and connect with the communities and nature between Goose Bay and St. John’s. Participants will learn about the breadth of ocean and water-based livelihoods from small-scale fisheries to eco-tourism, and renewable energy to ocean technology.

Using the Mi’kmaq-owned icebreaker Oqwatnukewey Eleke’wi’ji’jit (Polar Prince) as a work-integrated-learning platform, participants will have the opportunity to explore different Sustainable Blue Economy concepts and career pathways, develop skills, connect with mentors and peers, and have impactful discussions about the challenges facing the ocean and waterways. With regional context and engagement, the ship will highlight how Indigenous knowledge systems and Western science can work together in harmony to address some of the challenges, embrace the opportunities, and understand the economic needs of communities across the province.

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The Blue Futures Pathways website features many resources from internships and jobs to success stories from scientists working in the field.

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