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Introducing ECOP Senegal

ECOP Senegal welcomes every Senegalese or resident that self-identifies as being early in their career in any ocean-related field (research, education, government, industry, NGO, etc.) to join the ECOP Senegal network.

Goals and Objectives

ECOP Senegal aims to develop crucial capacities and skills of Senegalese Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs), to empower their contribution to UN Decade visible at the local level through networking-building and knowledge-sharing. We will do so by providing a wide range of activities (short- and long-term training; mentorship and professional development programmes; etc.), useful information and opportunities (support to engage with international policy events; a match-making service for access to international training programmes, call for applications, etc).

In summary, this ECOP network will follow the outlines: 

  • An inclusive National ECOP recruitment plan
  • A capacity development plan
  • A media / communication plan
  • Ocean Literacy / outreach plan
  • Fund-raising plan 
  • List of relevant projects (to be potentially developed into proposals to attract funding).

ECOP Senegal Coordination Unit

ECOP Senegal welcomes you to join the network and share your country’s activities and opportunities related to the UN Ocean Decade.

For any questions or inquiries, please contact:

Amadou Biteye​

Amadou is the ECOP Senegal coordinator who aims to expand a transdisciplinary ECOP network in Senegal, bridging it to networks in other nations. He is currently doing a master’s research programme in Climate Change and Marine Sciences at Atlantic Technical University (Cabo Verde) in the framework of WASCAL (West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use). His research work is contributing to the NOAA project of creating a pelagic size structure database to support biogeochemical models and mainly focuses on understanding the zooplankton size distribution in the tropical Atlantic.


Ousmane Badji

Ousmane is an Agro-Environmentalist, and Ph.D. Candidate in Climate Change and Land Use. He is General Secretary in charge of the literacy and project drafting of ECOP Senegal. His role as SG is to ensure the proper functioning of the organization through the planning and organization of office meetings, as well as general meetings and the drafting of the report. His mission is to design a relevant pedagogical program and also to prepare the drafting of projects relating to the strategic objectives and orientation of the organization.


Ouleymata Gaye

Ouleymata is one of the ECOP Senegalese coordinators, helping to build the ECOP network and promote ECOP activities in Senegal.  She is a Ph.D. student of WASCAL (West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) at Felix Houphouet Boigny University, Côte d’Ivoire. She is passionate about the conservation of marine species and works on the conservation and sustainable management of  Speudotolithus senegalensis species aka. the “cassava croaker” fish on the West African coast.  Her area of interest is: Climate change and biodiversity.



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