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The GMRI is seeking applicants for a combined project manager and research associate to work under the supervision of Dr. Kathy Mills; the position will be based in Portland, Maine. The successful candidate will support coordination and management of FishSCORE (Fisheries Strategies for Changing Oceans and Resilient Ecosystems by 2030), a global program endorsed by the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. FishSCORE is a global network of fishery scientists, stakeholders, resource managers, community practitioners, and policy makers who will co-develop knowledge and tools for assessing and operationalizing climate resilience in diverse fisheries around the world. The successful candidate will coordinate, facilitate, and participate in a broad range of activities related to FishSCORE.

Apply here.

An international call is open to grant 7 (seven) PhD Scholarships (Bolsas de Investigação para Doutoramento – BD) financed by the Portuguese National Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under the Collaboration Protocol signed between FCT and the AIR Centre.

Apply here.

Deadlines are for individual scholarships. Majority in October.

Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS) is a postdoctoral research fellowship programme for 37 fellows launched and managed by the University of Bergen.

In this second call, we invite talented researchers to apply for 23 postdoctoral fellowships. Successful candidates will be employed in 3-year fixed-term full-time postdoctoral research fellow positions at UiB. Individual contracts may, under certain conditions, be extended by up to one year if funded from other sources than the SEAS programme.  Previous candidates give their advice on applying here.

Apply here.

Deadline is 31 October


The NOAA Coastal Management Fellowship was established in 1996 to provide on-the-job education and training opportunities in coastal resource management and policy for postgraduate students and to provide project assistance to state coastal zone management programs. Up to nine fellows are placed with state coastal programs every year. The program matches postgraduate students to work on projects proposed by state coastal zone management programs and selected by NOAA. This two-year opportunity offers a competitive salary, medical benefits, and travel and relocation expense reimbursement.

Placement for the Coastal Management Fellowship positions is fully integrated into the placement process with the Digital Coast Fellowship positions. Candidates apply to the Coastal Management and Digital Coast Fellowship program as a whole, and selected candidates will be eligible to interview with both the state coastal programs and the Digital Coast partnership organizations at the fellowship matching workshop.


For developing countries, and especially the Least Developed Countries, PhD scientists help build a foundation for scientific strength and human prosperity. TWAS offers between 100 – 160 PhD fellowships a year at some of the most respected institutions in the developing world. These fellowships are hosted in Brazil, China, India, Pakistan and South Africa.

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The Program Assistant provides day-to-day administrative and programmatic support to the Programs Coordinator and staff.

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Other Opportunities

Long Term Scientific Working Groups Full call

EuroMarine will fund 2 Long-Term Scientific Working Groups (LTSWG) with a maximum funding of €12,500 each. The aim of the LTSWG is to provide the EuroMarine community with recommendations on how to best contribute to the international and European initiatives for restoring and sustainably exploit our Oceans as well as to advance the research on emerging topics related to marine sciences. One proposed topic: Ocean Decade, Mission Ocean and other international initiatives. The LTSWG should have a duration of at least 3 years.  Apply here.

Deadline: 14 October 

The Ocean Decade Expert Roster

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 (‘Ocean Decade’) has launched a call for experts to join a new roster to assist the Decade Coordination Unit and IOC-UNESCO Secretariat with strategic, technical and review processes.

The roster will have the three following roles: (i) input to strategic ambition and target setting for the Ocean Decade Challenges; (ii) input to the technical review of Decade programme and project submissions to inform the deliberations of the Ocean Decade Advisory Board, and the decisions on endorsement by the IOC Executive Secretary; and (iii) input to Decade review processes, including the State of the Decade reports and discussions during the Ocean Decade Conference series.

If you are interested in participating in the Expert Roster, please fill out this online form

Please note that membership of the Expert Roster is on a rolling, voluntary basis and will not be remunerated.

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