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European Conference of Aix-Marseille University: “Protect our oceans, the challenge of Europe’s global leadership”

16 June, 2021

Leading scientists from Aix-Marseille University, Europe and beyond will present their contribution along with stakeholders and EU decision-makers.

  1. Tackling marine ecosystem disturbance caused by climate-change: During this sequence, scientists will review the impact of climate change on the diversity and functioning of marine species and ecosystems. Panelists will discuss the extent to which our current production and consumption systems are leading towards a sixth mass extinction, if immediate and ambitious actions are not taken.
  2. The challenge of contaminant dispersal: The second session will debate the role of known and emerging contaminants in threatening marine ecosystems and food safety. Panelists will evaluate the effectiveness of past initiatives to reduce marine pollution, define critical knowledge gaps and discuss urgent policy actions to achieve a clean ocean.

In both parts, invited EU and international leaders, in dialogue with scientists, will discuss recent developments in intergovernmental negotiations carried out in the context of the United Nations and reflect on the role of science and innovation in scaling up ambitious solutions, through notably EU policy and funding programmes. The need for a robust science/policy interface is a topical and crucial challenge that will be stressed throughout the conference.


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