Natalie Fox

Natalie Fox is an Early Career Ocean Professional, with her first paper on the intersection between surfing and ocean literacy published by MDPI in 2021.  In 2019 she sailed with eXXpedition across the North Atlantic to collect data on microplastic pollution, which inspired her work to engage surfers in citizen science.  She is coordinator of Ocean Decade Activity: “Citizens of Surf” which is implementing “ReGeneration Surf” – a coalition of partners with a shared mission: to regenerate the ocean with this generation of surfers. ReGeneration Surf was funded by the World Surf League/WSL Pure in 2022, and the project continues to pioneer innovative ways for surfers and coastal communities in Portugal to engage in ocean literacy, citizen science and marine restoration.

Natalie is also a communications consultant for the ECOP Programme and recently participated in Monaco Ocean Week 2022 to represent the collective voice of ECOPs who are working towards “Innovation and solutions to achieve the aims of the Ocean Decade”.

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