Opportunity for 6 Youth leaders to sail from Palau to Yokohama with One Ocean Expedition in August

As part of its efforts to nurture the next generation of international leaders of ocean science, the Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) of The Sasakawa Peace Foundation is seeking young leaders to join Norway’s One Ocean Expedition, a circumnavigation of the globe.
The large Norwegian sailing vessel, the Statsraad Lehmkuhl, is now sailing for The One Ocean Expedition, visiting 36 ports worldwide including the Port of Palau and Yokohama.

OPRI is seeking six youths to join this voyage between Palau and Yokohama from August 27 to September 12, 2022.
The One Ocean Expedition is part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science. Its goal is to bring focus and share knowledge regarding the fundamental role the ocean plays in sustainable development within a global context.
During the voyage, researchers, youth, and journalists from Norway, Japan, and countries in the Pacific will:

  • Conduct atmospheric and oceanographic observations
  • Disseminate oceanographic information in real-time
  • Do surveys on marine plastics
  • Deploy oceanic measurement devices (ARGO floats)
  • Hold lessons on sailing vessels
  • Offer opportunities for international collaboration etc.

Participants will be asked to contribute to these activities and to disseminate their results and experiences.
Please see below for more details on applying for this unique and invaluable experience. We are highly looking forward to receiving your applications.

Applicant Eligibility: 18 to 30 years old* (*: exceptions may be made)
Number of Successful Applicants: 6
Admission Criteria: Final candidates are selected based on the following documents.
Required Documents: A letter of 500-1,000 words which summarizes, in English, your motivation for applying to the One Ocean Expedition. (Example: Ocean-related issues you wish to resolve in the future, what you hope to achieve through participating in this experience, etc.)
Please also include your name, institution, and major, as well as scores proving English proficiency (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc., if you hold them) with this document.
Deadline: Applications must arrive no later than 23:59 on Monday, July 18 (JST)
Application Procedure: Please send submissions as an attachment to the following e-mail address: oceanpolicy-event(at)spf.or.jp
Announcement of successful applicants: Results will be announced individually by  July 25
Contact: oceanpolicy-event(at)spf.or.jp

For more information: https://www.spf.org/opri-intl/blogs/news/20220608.html

More about One Ocean Expedition: https://oneoceanexpedition.com

Other Important Points:
* We plan to arrive in Palau no later than August 26, the day before departure, and disembark in Yokohama (or Tokyo) on September 14. An online orientation will be held in August (date to be announced separately). Participants will be asked to attend and present at a workshop to be held in Yokohama (or Tokyo) on the September 13 or 14.
* Participants must have received three doses of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Covi-Shield vaccine and be able to provide proof of vaccination. In addition, a passport and travel visa valid for the duration of the program are required. A PCR test will be conducted if necessary.
* OPRI will cover the transportation fees from the applicant’s nearest airport to Palau, as well as from Yokohama (or Tokyo) back to their nearest airport. Other costs that will be covered include lodging and embarkation (including on-site lodging and insurance); embarkation fees will also include accommodation and meal expenses during the voyage.

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