Sidónio Machaieie, Mozambique​

Sidonio's Testimonial

My participation in this event was inspiring for personal and institutional projects as I followed the presentations being done in various regions, thus enabling exploration in terms of research and management of the oceans on which we depend. 

The sessions most interesting for my career development were:

(1) Ecology of the Indian Ocean: Understanding and Predictability,

(2) contribution to sustainable development: toward the UN Decade of ocean science,

(3) Impacts of climate change on the Indian Ocean,

(4) Coastal and estuarine processes: Anthropogenic impacts and vulnerabilities.

In these sessions I was able to learn about aspects of my personal and professional interest taking into consideration my area of training. On the other hand, the topics presented were current, which allowed me to learn new aspects in terms of research and management in the field of ocean conservation, a fact that makes it possible to replicate the local level in favor of sustainable development focused on ocean science. The sessions focused on impacts further enhanced their interaction related to several variables as Mozambique affected by them.  And so, I want to thank the ECOP Programme for providing me with this training, as these are the kind of events that beginners in this career need in order to develop ecological judgments focused on ocean conservation. 

The information on this page comes from Sidonio’s Report delivered to the ECOP Programme and IOC-UNESCO in June 2022.

Thanks go to IOC-UNESCO and Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) for their generous funding for the conference fees to support Sidonio’s capacity development .