Call for Financial Support for Legal Entities Providing Capacity Development Opportunities

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The objective of the present Call is to provide financial support for legal entities (various types of organizations) to organize online or in-person short capacity development programs or courses that address ocean science, ocean governance and ocean sustainability with direct relevance to the Ocean Decade vision, mission and challenges. Targeted participants shall be early career ocean professionals (ECOPs) from Africa, Pacific SIDS, or Caribbean SIDS, and the content of such trainings shall be of high relevance to these regions. Participation shall be made free for ECOPs.

Financial support for the organization of such trainings reflects continuous commitment of the ECOP Programme to help ECOPs acquire knowledge and skills essential for their career development and to make this process accessible regardless of the financial situation of an ECOP. The definition of an ECOP can be found in the background information section above in this document. The Selection Committee reserves the right to reject an application if the topic of a capacity development event is deemed not relevant to the areas described above. Maximum support is set at 6,000 USD depending on the duration and scope of the programme. Capacity development programmes or courses need to be completed by March 31, 2022. Organizations which shall receive financial support will need to report back to the ECOP Programme on the outcomes of such event within a month after the programme/course takes place. Successful applying organizations shall also agree that such feedback might be used for promotion of the ECOP Programme on relevant social media, such as the ECOP Programme’s social media accounts and/or the ECOP Programme website. Reporting requirements and other obligations of the selected partners will be contained in an Implementing Partner Agreement that will be signed between the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and the partner.

Who may participate?

For this round of funding, we shall provide financial support only for capacity development programmes or courses (either online or in-person) with direct relevance to the ocean-related issues in Africa, Pacific SIDS or Caribbean SIDS, or overarching topics which could be important for the development of the career of ECOPs in those regions. An application should include:

  1. A general background about the applying organization and its experience in providing such capacity development activities including a description of the legal status of this organization (max 1 page);
  2. A proposal with a tentative programme including planned topics, duration, number of participants, lecturers (if applicable), and a clear explanation of how this programme addresses the Ocean Decade and its 10 Challenges (1-2 pages);
  3. A breakdown of the budget (in Euros or USD) and its justification (1-2 pages).

Applications shall be sent to Decision shall be made by the Selection Committee (which shall include representatives of the IOC-UNESCO, ECOP Programme, and any external experts as deemed essential) taking into account the relevance of the proposed capacity development programme or course to the Ocean Decade, its benefits to participants from Africa, Pacific SIDS, or Caribbean SIDS, and the feasibility to execute the programme by March 31, 2022.


The deadline for applications for this call is 23.59h CET November 14, 2021. Notifications regarding the outcome of the application will be sent out by November 21, 2021. An Implementing Partner Agreement will need to be signed between the IOC-UNESCO and the organization holding a capacity development event not later than by Friday, December 10, 2021.

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