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Introducing ECOP Niger

Welcome to the newly established ECOP National Node for Niger.

ECOP Niger Action Plan

The proposed Action plan will be clearly defined based on the requirements and will be implemented throughout the year.

Identify local partners in Niger that can help support the ECOP network, such as universities, research institutions, NGOs, and government agencies. Establish relationships with these partners and collaborate on planning and implementation of the ECOP network. 

Encourage participation from experienced professionals to serve as mentors and provide guidance to ECOPs. Develop a capacity building plan that includes training programs, workshops, and webinars to support ECOPs in Niger.

Establish virtual and in-person networking opportunities including online forums, regional meetings, and conferences. Facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between ECOPs and other stakeholders in the ocean and water resource management community, such as policymakers, industry leaders, and scientists. Develop educational materials, such as infographics and videos, to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean and its impact on climate. Organize outreach campaigns and public awareness events to educate the public about water resource sustainability.

Advocate for policies and programs that promote water resource sustainability, engaging with local and national governments, as well as international organizations.

Develop a fundraising plan that identifies potential sources of funding.

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