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The Early Career Ocean Professional (ECOP) Network Programme is established to empower ECOPs, who self-identify as being early in their career in any field related to the ocean. The Programme is at the heart of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and it was endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade as a network program in 2021.

Our vision is to elevate and strengthen the diverse perspectives of new generations of ocean professionals through a collective voice, ensuring that knowledge is transferred between experienced professionals and ECOPs to promote ocean sustainability for “The Ocean We Want”.

Our mission is to incorporate new ways of thinking into global ocean sustainability and stewardship challenges. We will achieve this by empowering ECOPs with meaningful networking and professional development opportunities with each other and with local to global institutions through the framework of the UN Ocean Decade.

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Join the ECOP Global Community by completing the sign up form below and you will be added to the Global ECOP registry, which is an online networking database of Early Career Ocean Professionals designed to connect, monitor and reach out to our Global ECOP community.  

For the purpose of the ECOP Programme, an ECOP is a person that self-identifies as being early in their career (10 years or less of professional experience) within any field related to the ocean (not only employed/paid positions). The term “professional” is used in order to be inclusive of professionals from many different sectors of society.

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The ECOP Programme is growing.  Our Regional and National Nodes are helping expand and integrate our network on a local to global scale.

Find your Regional and National Node and reach out to our ECOP Programme coordinators.  

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