How to get involved in the UN Ocean Decade as an ECOP

You’re an Early Career Ocean Professional, a member of the ECOP Programme (signed up to our newsletter and global registry) and you’ve heard a lot about the UN Ocean Decade, and have read through our .  Now, you’re interested in getting involved and taking part in Decade activities or actions.

This page is dedicated to giving you the information you might need to do exactly that.

Activities are one-off events, webinars, conferences, workshops, publications, and at times, creative outputs such as poster competitions and postal stamps. They are typically 1-28 days long, and at maximum are one year. This form will let you request the Ocean Decade logo to be used for the activity proposed specifically.

Endorsed events (which includes webinars, conferences, exhibits, and workshops) will be shared on the Ocean Decade Network by the Decade Team. Members may share any events as well, as long as they are a maximum of one month in length. If you are hosting a multi-month or multi-year campaign, please share your individual activities or events rather than the entire campaign.

Read the guidance notes and sign up to the Ocean Decade Network, when you are ready to submit your application (at least 6 weeks in advance). 

Contributions are accepted on a rolling basis, at any time. Contributionsare in-kind or financial contributions to the coordination functions of the Decade or to Decade Actions. This includes Decade Collaborative Centres or Decade Implementing Partners.

For any contribution we suggest that you reach out to: oceandecade@unesco.org to discuss it first. All contributions will be able to use the logo once endorsed.

Learn more about Contributions with ECOP focal points.

Programmes and projects are solicited through regular Calls for Decade Actions every 6 months throughout the Decade. The Call for Decade Actions No. 05/2023 is now open for new submissions until 31 August 2023.

Programmes are large-scale initiatives implemented at the global or regional scale and will contribute to the achievement of one or more of the Ocean Decade Challenges. They will be long-term, multi-year, and typically interdisciplinary and multi-national. They should be comprised of component projects, which may or may not be fully or partially defined at the time of endorsement.  Learn about Programmes with ECOP focal points.

If your project is a discrete and focused undertaking, and either regional, national or subnational, you can apply to be affiliated with the ECOP Programme, just like our endorsed projects.

Contact us to learn more.

Call for Decade Actions No. 05/2023 - FAQ Information Session #1​

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