ECOP Stories

Photo credit: Dimitris Poursanidis / Ocean Image Bank

ECOP Stories

Each month we feature an Early Career Ocean Professional from our global network to learn more about their work and how it fits into the wider scope of the Decade of Ocean Science.

Fisheries and Environmental Engineer at the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies of Tunisia.

Marine social scientist based in Yokohama, Japan, exploring relationships between people and the sea, mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.

Founder, Managing Trustee and Executive Director and Co-Founder, Mass Communication and Social Media of Prameya Foundation, India.

MSc Sustainability graduate with a paper on Ocean literacy and surfing, eXXpedition ambassador and coordinator of two Ocean Decade Activities. 


Pacific Island marine scientist from Fiji, Archipelagic and Island States Forum Scholar.


Knowledge broker for the NESP Climate Systems Hub and postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Marine Socioecology in Tasmania.


PHD candidate studying the marine microbiome with the Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, UK.

Surf Conservation Data Coordinator for Save The Waves Coalition, with a background in marine science, data pipelines and mapping.

Member of EarthEcho International’s Youth Leadership Council, Indonesia.


Assistant Manager for the Ocean Bridge program at Ocean Wise & National Program Assistant at ECOP Canada.


Principle Investigator for Coral Reef Alliance in Honduras


Graphic designer and videographer for Pr’Oceano in Faro, Southern Portugal.

Ocean Biogeochemist at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Ocean literacy coordinator at the Observatory for Marine and Coastal Governance, Colombia.

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